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2 Libro Falsa Identidad Norah Mcclintock Pdf 25. Q: How do I have two build in different directories, one containing vcpkg package and the other containing project? I have two applications which are compile-time dependent. One application, written in C++17, needs to be able to compile against an application written in C++14. Now, how do I get vcpkg to create a folder with everything I need? I want to have a package folder, containing all the needed header files, and then another folder containing the project itself. My folder structure looks like this: src - ProjectA - ProjectB - vcpkg - lib - ProjectA - ProjectB I am trying to accomplish this through the vcpkg add command, with my config.json looking like this: { "build-depends": [ "lib/lib1", "lib/lib2" ], "name": "ProjectA", "target-os": "win32", "installdir": "C:\projects\libs\projecta\packages\lib" } This is my current implementation of the command. The command throws an error because it tries to package a project which is not a vcpkg project. A: I have found a solution: "target-os": "win32", "installdir": "C:\projects\libs\projecta\packages\lib", "vcpkg": { "path": "C:\projects\libs\projecta\packages\vcpkg", "arg-append": [ "--include-path", "C:\projects\libs\projecta\packages\vcpkg" ] } This is a bit of a hack, but it works. The trick is to set the argument-append to ac619d1d87

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